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Great Cold Weather Proper Clothing Advice From OSHA Safety Training Resources

Written By Iniesta Estable on Thursday, January 10, 2013 | 8:39 AM

Right off the bat, you need to see the weather on a daily basis, each and every day. You can make it a morning ritual as many do just that and are all warm and fuzzy even while in a three-foot snowdrift! Make certain that you are ready to peel off clothes as your core body temperature heats up, as this will make all the difference in winter weather.

It is very intelligent to dress in layers and so much easier to take off those layers as the workload creates energy that is felt as heat. The human body is a remarkable system as in a normal to medium temperature day or night, it stays relatively constant and this is by the master design.

We have decided to pen this posting, like the rest of the OSHA safety training sites, in an effort to give you some wardrobe encouragement as you head back out to work in the frigid sub-zero temperatures that Old Man Winter has brought as an early Christmas gift this year! The importance of wearing proper clothing while outside working for the days pay cannot be underestimated.

If you have ever seen the results of frostbite in an advanced form you would make darn certain that every part of your hardworking body was adequately covered. The ice and the wind compound the cold daily temperatures and when you are concentrating on rigging up that station at times, you tend to forget that you are cold!

That is why we want to remind you that while you are working your frozen tail off that you recall that you are no good to anyone with a severe case of hypothermia. The time you spend to make certain that you are well layered before heading out to the job site will pay off in great dividends when payday comes.