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OSHA Training Standards - Confined Spaces

Written By Iniesta Estable on Thursday, July 12, 2012 | 9:20 AM

OSHA's Confined Space Standard is one of the most compound safety regulations to implement. Developing procedures for OSHA safety training, entrance, and release should be done by someone well-informed in not only the OSHA customary, but also in your facility engineering and storage systems. The aim of the program is to guard employees who may enter confined spaces by providing the crucial training, equipment and supervision to avert injury or death.

Atmospheric Evaluation

1. Atmospheric testing of confined spaces is mandatory. Hydrogen sulfide, methane and other toxic gases could be in attendance, as well as short oxygen levels and flammable gasses.

Individual shielding equipment

2. Special protective tools ought to be provided to all entrants. This equipment includes a toxic gas and oxygen meter, complete body strap up with tether line, emergency inhalation air, gloves, eye protection and hardhat.


3. All rescue and deputy workforce must be educated in confined-space entry. They also must have all compulsory personal protective apparatus in place earlier than entering the confined space.


4. Emergency outlet measures must be in place to evacuate all personnel from the space in the event of an emergency. Means of extricating an unconscious worker must also be readily available.

Permit requisite

5. OSHA safety training requires that a company permit be issued for any confined-space entry that poses a severe safety hazard. The supervisor, workers and standby crew must sign the permit after discussing the work responsibilities.

OSHA training and standards have to be implemented vigorously and strictly since large amount of penalties are charged yearly to companies and factories violating these standards and specifications. It is the utmost responsibility of the employer to ensure that the workers are safe from occupational injuries and illness.