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Paint Storage Cabinets - Comply With OSHA and NFPA Regulations by Choosing the Right Cabinets

Written By Iniesta Estable on Friday, May 18, 2012 | 5:47 PM

Do you have a lot of paint or ink in your facility that needs to be stored properly? If you do, then paint storage cabinets can literally be your best friend. Read on to discover how to choose the right ones.

With paint storage cabinets, you can be OSHA and NFPA compliant by having your paint or ink properly stored. Proper storage means that your employees and property are protected because the risk of fire is reduced.

Paint storage cabinets also provide added security in your business in other ways. When you are able to lock up your chemicals, you have better control over your inventory. The risk of theft is reduced, as well the risk of unnecessary waste. When you find that fewer of your paints and chemicals are missing, you do not have to order as much. This results in saved money.

So how do you know that you are purchasing the right paint storage cabinets in an effort to make your business safer and OSHA compliant? First, you should consider all your options. For instance, you can purchase paint storage cabinets with or without legs. With legs, you are able to place your cabinets over wires, HVAC vents, and plumbing if you have obstacles around your facility that require "creative" placement.

If floors are uneven, paint storage cabinets with legs allow you to adjust them so that the cabinet sits level. You can also keep your cabinet elevated in areas where the floor may become wet.

There are a number of features that you may want to look for when purchasing your cabinets:

1) Red warning labels

2) 4 inch legs-- and make sure it can be moved with a pallet jack

3) Doors in convenient places

4) Shelves that can support up to 350 pounds

5) A finish that is easy to clean

6) Fire resistance

7) An included grounding attachment

8) Adjustable shelves

9) A size that fits your particular needs.

When you have all of these features, you should have no problem meeting the safety regulations with your paint storage cabinets that you are supposed to meet.

Also note that your new cabinets aren't just suitable for storing paint and ink. These are cabinets that are perfect for quite a range of chemicals that should be locked away because of their dangerous nature. Doing so will make you be OSHA and NFPA compliant throughout every aspect of your business.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you will need to look at how many chemicals you are storing and their types because this will determine how many paint storage cabinets you need and their sizes. Think of how many shelves you will need when figuring out size. You will also need to take into consideration which chemicals cannot be stored together when deciding how many cabinets you need.

When you have the right size and number of paint storage cabinets, you will feel much safer within your work environment. You will also feel more organized.