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OSHA Safety Training - Keep Fingers Intact

Written By Iniesta Estable on Sunday, April 1, 2012 | 1:56 PM

Everyday there are thousands of accidents and injuries on-site and on location that send these hard-working but at times careless workers to the emergency rooms all across the United States of America. In an undying effort to educate all the workers of this great country we have decided to remind you that there are some techniques that you can use to safeguard yourself against these trips to the ER.

OSHA 10 Hour Training

Safety training has to do with learning and re-learning everything that will keep you safe and healthy while on the worksite or job in general. This review just happens to be concerned about the area of the body that involves what makes us humans different from the rest of the animal kingdom, reticulating thumbs. While there are cousins in the trees that share this unique physical trait they normally are not employed as oil spill workers or workers in general, at least not yet.

Missing Fingers and Missing Paychecks

When you go to work each and everyday do you notice the amount of hazards that can and will damage or at times totally snip or cut-off your fingers? These can be from the multitudes of heavy-machinery and tools of the trade so to speak that most construction workers are exposed to on a continual daily basis or even the doors that lead to the plant or site area. The point of safety training is to educate you on every aspect of safety and this can be done with the many OSHA compliant safety training courses that are online today.

  1. Be Conscious of all Danger Points
  2. Inspect Tools and Work Areas
  3. Do not Work on Rotating/Moving Equipment or Tools without Training First
  4. Replace Machine Guards following all Machinery Repairs
  5. Be Mindful of Self-Starting Equipment

OSHA Safety Training

The firms that are associated with training the workers of the United States in safety and health issues are to be seen as the first responders and the final responders for keeping every worker/volunteers safe and alive. Please have a look around your work-site each and everyday and look for out of place or missing safety-guards or any other type of inherent safety issue that could result in you losing a finger or maybe your co-worker? Stay safe and be smart while on the jobsite at all times.